Consumers Now Expect Everything to Work on All Devices

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Illustration: Davor Pavelic

A first glimpse what might be possible with the Apple Watch!

The first Apple Watch GUI PSD. The idea is to help other designers get off the ground designing beautiful Apple Watch apps faster and better. This is also a way of us giving back to the design community. We’ve been able to learn a lot using the tools and templates made by amazing designers.


Atoms, and fractals, and cognitive kitchens—oh my! 500 posts and we’ve only scratched the surface of innovation. Take a peek behind the lab doors

Psssssst. Hey you! Yes, you… the one reading this. We know who you are.

You’re one of us…

The kind of person who is just itching to make the leap from your cushy (or maybe NOT so cushy) corporate job into the world of startups.

And don’t go trying to deny it. We caught you, walking around the office, talking to yourself under your breath, saying stuff like…

- “I just want to take charge and do things the way I want to…”

- “Oh please… I’m sure I can make more money with my own business than in this place…”

- “I am soooooo bored at work. Sleeping with my eyes open is a great skill, but this is ridiculous…”

- “I can be my own boss. In fact, I’d look good sitting behind a big desk, making really big decisions…”

- “There has got to be a better lifestyle than this 9-7 grind EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

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by Kriti and Shivraj Vichare, the creators of #entrepreneurfail


Storefront Turns into Fox’s Den Made Entirely of Paper

The window of the Hermès store in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona stops people in their tracks with a handcrafted fairy-tale scene. It portrays the den of a very sophisticated fox, who is sitting on a stool surrounded by his belongings. Everything in the scene is made from orange and blue paper and the fox himself is crafted from pointed strips of leather.

The Fox’s Den was made by Zim & Zou, a design studio based in Nancy, France for the luxury fashion house. Instead of composing images on a computer, founders Lucie Thomas and Thibualt Zimmerman, specialize in sculptures, illustration and installations made of paper and other tangible materials.

[…] A few Hermès accessories are present, such as silk scarves hanging from the chest of drawers and one of the brand’s famous bags in the corner. It’s a delightful scene and the closer you look, the more you can appreciate the skill that went into constructing the fox’s fictional world.

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SOFTlab’s Flower Canopy for Galeria Melissa in NYC


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100 posts! Way to go :-)

100 posts! Way to go :-)

Apple’s new Paradise Walk retail store in Chongqing, China should be opening soon |

Retail vintage :-)

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Loving the old lorry outside the store in today

The Beautiful Soul of La Samaritaine in the Heart of Paris

Photo 1 - Crédits : MARION GAMBIN

Photo 2 - Crédits : MARIE GRUEL

Photo 3 - Crédits : DAVID DE RUEDA

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